Who? What? Why?

Welcome to The Spice!  This site is sometimes about recipes, sometimes just about cooking experiments and thoughts about food.

I’m Miss J.  Although not a Texan, I live in Houston and find TV dinners the ultimate expression of sadness and despair.   As soon as I was on my own and taking care of adult things like paying bills and being a responsible member of society, I also realized I needed to learn how to cook.  I’ve been doing web design since I was fifteen and decided in summer 2015 that it was time to start my own cooking blog.

I love cooking things from scratch and my preference is to stock my pantry with staples rather than mixes.  Beyond day to day cooking, I also venture into fancy desserts and I enjoy different styles of food from all over the world, with a general preference for spicy foods.

Outside of cooking, I’m a programmer, a fan of science fiction and vampire movies, and I study Japanese.

And yes, I am a huge fan of Dune.


If you’d like to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at thespice.of.cooking at gmail dot com.

of Cooking. of Arrakis.