The Spice is a straightforward blog that sadly I did not write the code for entirely myself from scratch in a plain text editor.  1998 web design me feels like I’ve sold out!

My hosting is on Dreamhost.  I’ve had a website hosted with them since 1999 and it’s been nothing but a good experience.  I highly recommend them for reasonably priced web hosting.  The link above and on the side of my page is to their site with my referral code.  I love their service!

Many photos, particularly prior to February 2016 are taken with my iPhone.  Since then, I more often use a Nikon d3300 DSLR (which I only sort of know how to use).  Any image editing is done in GIMP or OS X Photos.

When it comes to kitchen tools, I’m not a brand loyalist.  My current favorite tools in my kitchen are:

  • Hammered flat-bottom wok from Williams-Sonoma
  • Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT 3-cup rice cooker
  • 6 quart Lodge enameled cast iron Dutch oven
  • A big stew pot
  • Fancy Shun knives
  • KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Glass Japanese pickle press

of Cooking. of Arrakis.