Summer foods: Unagi


The past few years I’ve stepped up my study of Japanese and along with it I’ve also tried to become better at cooking Japanese dishes. I tend to enjoy “homestyle” Japanese food or things that aren’t the iconic sushi. Unadon, okonomiyaki, onigiri, mabodofu, ramen, curry rice, omuraisu, zarusoba… All of them are way above sushi on my list of Japanese food I love. And there’s also a wide array of “Oh that’s so good, but I can’t remember what it is…” type side dishes and salad I’ve yet to conquer.

I’m fortunate that Houston has a Japanese grocery store, Nippon Daido. But it’s a long drive for me and a little expensive, so it’s not somewhere I go outside of specially planned trips. I get key ingredients there (mirin, konbu, katsuobushi, miso, special soy sauces, etc.) and then make a lot of the various sauces I need at home. I can make my own dashi, mentsuyu (a.k.a. dip for zarusoba), and eel sauce.

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Limefest 2015

Fish tacos

My house is on about .05 acres of land, so that means I have two flower beds and that’s about all.  But I do have one lime tree and once a year that means…agriculture!  All year I’ve been looking forward to my summer lime harvest.

In the past I’ve made limeade and not-key lime pie.  This year I decided to really get creative, particularly because I had more limes than ever, about 30.
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