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Mayonnaise Cake

chocolate mayonnaise cakeYesterday morning I saw something online that was like “Make the best cake with this ONE WEIRD THING” and of course I am entirely powerless to resist bizarre ingredients in foods.  Turns out that weird thing was…mayonnaise!  Eww, kind of.  Mayo isn’t the most appealing of items.  But I’d heard of this before and had already been ensnared by the siren’s call of weird ingredients so I went to the fridge to see if I had enough mayonnaise to try it.  I also have a weird love of recipes from food manufacturers so this appealed to me on many levels. Continue reading Mayonnaise Cake

Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake)

princess cakeThis spring I visited Berlin, which should be the subject of its own post, but one of the strangest parts of the entire trip was ending up at a Berlin IKEA with a herd of goths.  While I was there, I participated in an event for which there was an introductory session for a few hours, then we had to break for dinner before the event itself.  We were way out away from everything and “How to do dinner?” was a challenging question.  The answer was far more surreal than any of us had expected — there was an IKEA (with its cafeteria) within walking distance.  So there we were, probably fifty people, occupying a range from “looks fairly mainstream” to “I know no other color but black,” descending upon IKEA.

It was fantastic fun!  However, since this page is about cooking, how does this relate?  Is this post about Swedish meatballs?  While I should try to make those, it is instead about prinsesstårta, a.k.a. Princess Cake.   Continue reading Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake)

Tres Leches with Strawberries

tres leches with strawberries

This weekend is Memorial Day here in Texas, but also my grandmother-in-law’s 89th birthday.  She requested “bird’s nest cake” or “poke cake.”  I wasn’t sure what bird’s nest cake was (later discovered it was hummingbird cake!) so poke cake it was.  A poke cake is a cake where you pierce the top with a fork and then pour liquid on top of it for extra flavor or to make it very moist.

A lot of poke cake recipes seemed to just be normal cake with colorful juice or liquid poured on top, which didn’t sound very delicious.  What is the best poke cake in the world?  Tres leches.

Continue reading Tres Leches with Strawberries

Project: Christmas Cookies

For the past six years I’ve undertaken a project which sounds simple, but is in fact deceptively complex:  Christmas cookies.  I’m not Christian, so really these are just “random cookies my friends get in the mail in December,” but I still really enjoy and celebrate a secular Christmas so who cares what they’re called!

This began because I have a lot of friends who unfortunately live all over the United States.  They mean a lot to me and I wanted to give them something for Christmas.  However, I also didn’t want to start a horrible cycle where you not only have to worry about presents for your family but also for friends and no one really knows what to send or how much to spend and do they even need socks and we all have too much stuff anyway and wait why am I buying my friends presents?  No one wants this.  But everyone enjoys cookies.  And they are the present that gives and then stops giving after you eat them and they no longer take up space in your house. Continue reading Project: Christmas Cookies

Project Christmas Cookies: Scope

peanut butter cookies

So while I could keep sending cookies to an increasing list of people every year, my time and cost would also keep increasing.  I’ve found that my good middle ground is send to about 12-15 people/households.  So 12-15 boxes that I need cookies for and then have to package and mail.

I could make 10,000,000 chocolate chip cookies and send everyone those and I’m sure people would be thrilled.  But I like having a variety of things in each box, just a few of many different kinds of cookies.  So before cooking every year I have to make sure that I’m making both a good mix and also making enough so everyone has a satisfying amount of cookies.  In the end it’s a bit too little when sent to a family and a bit too much when sent to a single person, but I figure it’s free cookies in the mail so who complains?

Just remember:  Do not let your cookie list grow out of control (a.k.a. avoid cookie scope creep). Continue reading Project Christmas Cookies: Scope

Project Christmas Cookies: Time

Christmas cookies

Beyond the sheer amount of effort of making a lot of different cookies, the most difficult part of this is the time.  Cooking this much stuff takes a long time and is pretty exhausting.  And when I get exhausted making Christmas cookies I get all cranky and weepy and it’s not good for the holiday spirit.  I am proud to report that 2016 involved zero tears, however! Continue reading Project Christmas Cookies: Time

Project Christmas Cookies: Cost/Resources

Christmas cookies

As far as human resources go it’s primarily just me.  Most years I do all of it.  This year Mr. R assisted a lot.  He was a big help when packaging the (over 70) caramels and wrapping the cookies.  I always think packaging is just a detail but it actually takes approximately forever.

It’s important to make sure that you have enough cookie sheets for this.  In the past I’ve done it with two (do not recommend) and also with two good ones and two crappy ones (better, still not recommended).  This year I sprung for two more high quality cookie sheets for a total of four and I bought three more cooling racks for a total of six.  I also have two sets of measuring cups and spoons.  I also use silpat mats to line my cookie sheets — nothing sticks and I don’t have to bother with cutting parchment paper.  This makes for slightly expensive equipment.  This project can absolutely be done with just stuff from the grocery store, but if you want to invest in some slightly better cooking equipment it will be used well doing this. Continue reading Project Christmas Cookies: Cost/Resources

New Orleans Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce and Chantilly Cream

bread pudding with chantilly cream

I’m not from Texas and I never had much experience with Cajun food until I was introduced via my inauthentic but delicious Fluffy Gumbo. Then I moved to Houston and ended up with family who live on the border of Louisiana. My image of Texas was very much cacti and cowboy hats before I moved here, but really that’s more West Texas (well, ok, the cowboy hats are everywhere). I haven’t spent much time there, having had much more experience thus far in the odd world of East Texas/Louisiana.

So for holidays we often have Thanksgiving or Christmas gumbo instead of a turkey. It’s full of chicken and sausage and lots of oil and it’s SO DELICIOUS. I don’t know how to make it (yet) so this post isn’t actually about that. It is however about my first attempt at making bread pudding. Continue reading New Orleans Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce and Chantilly Cream

Reverse Chip Cookies

White Chip Chocolate CookiesAfter work tonight I thought about how much I enjoyed the chicken tikka masala I made this week, but that sadly we were out.  Let’s eat out and get Indian food, I decided!  And then I don’t have to cook!  So then of course when we got home I decided clearly I didn’t really need three hours of free time and should make cookies.

I’d had a bag of white chocolate chips hanging out in the pantry for a few weeks.  They were supposed to become some sort of fancy white chocolate candy that failed miserably after many bags of chips, cans of condensed milk, and cursing.  So let’s make some cookies! Continue reading Reverse Chip Cookies

Late Night Earl Grey Tea Cake

earl grey cake

Somehow doing things late at night always gives them a more mysterious or forbidden quality.  Eleven o’clock at night isn’t the time to start cooking a cake, but it was tonight and Mr. R and I dined on a treat of late night cake at midnight.

I’ve been wanting to do more with flavoring things with teas, but I’ve not had a lot of success previously.  I was recently reading a recipe about making green tea cake that has the matcha powder sifted with the flour.  I didn’t have matcha on hand, but I did have Earl Grey.  So I decided to make this an English tea kind of secret midnight cake.  Green tea cakes can wait for the light of day. Continue reading Late Night Earl Grey Tea Cake