pulled bbq venison

BBQ Venison

pulled bbq venisonIt’s been a week like no other here in Houston, waiting out Hurricane Harvey and what became the never ending rain that followed.  I was extremely, extremely fortunate in that my house didn’t flood and I had power the whole time.  It was just a very frightening long weekend, waiting to see if my house would flood overnight and then waking up to see on the news that many houses had.  If you can, please try to donate to a reputable charity to help those impacted by the severe storm.bbq sauceIt feels a little frivolous to post about food in the face of people who have lost their homes, but as I’ve been holed up in my house, staying safe and trying to avoid needing any of the city’s emergency services, I have had to cook.  I made the tactical error of making a big batch of gumbo right before the storm, but then all we had was…gumbo.  On day four of being stuck at home I’d had enough.  Then I remembered that I had a big elk* roast in the freezer.  And I also had a bottle of the best BBQ sauce on the world.  So, at the suggestion of a friend I decided to make pulled venison!

The family heirloom CrockPot

I almost never use my slow cooker.  I only keep it around since it’s (oddly enough) something of a family heirloom.  But it seemed just the tool for the job.  I looked up a few recipes online and also consulted my 1975 CrockPot Cookbook (also heirloom status) which has a section on wild game.  I guess it was more common in 1975 to hunt.

raw elkThe recipe I cobbled together was:

  • 2 lb elk roast
  • 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • 2 cups beef broth

Put in slow cooker.  Cook on low for 7+ hours.

raw elk
The emergency weather radio cameo in the background
Everything in the pot

We ate it with some naan (before tropical storms apparently bread is a hot item — but flatbreads are overlooked!), some carrots, and Japanese pickles.  Kind of a weird dinner, but things are getting a little weird around here anyway, stuck in the house.

Ready to shred

If things get really wild I may bust out the cake mix I have lurking in my pantry…

*Technically only deer is “venison.”  Whatever.  I had a roast of wild game meat.

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