Shakshuka of a sort


Shakshuka is a really popular recipe right now, although I had never heard of it until recently.  But the pictures all looked so striking and delicious and eggs poached in tomato sauce sounded like a fabulous idea!  I’ve been including a lot more eggs in my diet lately and also more vegetarian meals.  This has become one of my favorite dishes for lunch.

However, what I make isn’t quite shakshuka.  Let’s call it shakshukish.  I made real shakshuka once and enjoyed it, but I found myself wishing for tomato sauce flavored more like marinara sauce.   So then I made it that way, with parmesan cheese on top instead of feta.  But then I missed the feta.  So now it’s marinara sauce for me…with feta!


I start with a frying pan that’s a few inches deep, enough to hold a good amount of sauce, with space for the eggs later.  Usually I use about two cups of sauce.  I highly recommend making your own marinara sauce.  I’ve been doing it for years and it results in a wonderful sauce that is much healthier and delicious than the jarred stuff at the store and it freezes well so you can make a batch and take out what you need later.  But if you have a commercial sauce you love, that totally works too.

Just after cracking the eggs into the sauce

Heat up the sauce to bubbling and then carefully crack in whole eggs.  I often find this works best if my sauce is thick enough to hollow out a bit of an empty space so the white doesn’t flow around everywhere.  But some egg wrangling is also sometimes necessary.

Nearly done

Cook the eggs until the whites are white and the yolk is as runny or set as you like.  I like my yolks runny, but I’m not great at finding that magical time when they are done correctly yet.  I have found though that putting a lid on the pan when cooking helps the tops of the eggs cook much better.

When cooked, put some cheese (I like feta) on top and whatever else you might like (salt, pepper, parsley, yet more cheese).  Then scoop out an egg or two into a bowl and have it with some bread, pita or naan being my favorite.  One egg of this is usually not quite enough for me and two I always regret.  Hard egg decisions of life!

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