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First Time Steak a la Elk

elk steakI don’t usually cook a lot of red meat, but one of Mr. R’s (awesome!) associates at work gave him some venison.  Two packages of deer steak, two of elk.  I grew up eating venison (mostly deer, antelope, sometimes elk or bear) so it’s always the kind of steak I prefer and also why I am not fond of beef steak.  However, I don’t hunt and my father lives far away, so I don’t have venison to cook.  But now I do!

elk steakThis, therefore, was my first attempt at cooking steak.  I called up my dad and asked his methods (some salt, pepper, and garlic salt) and then I read up on cooking venison online.  Sadly I don’t have a grill, so I used a cast iron frying pan.

The thing that always makes me wary of cooking steaks is how can you possibly know how done they are?  It’s a horrible mystery, but one that I addressed by way of my instant read cooking thermometer.  I was shooting for medium well, but I think I ended up at medium.  Oh well!  I’m a steak cooking newbie.

elk steakThe searing on the outside of the steak was really delicious, although the meat was pretty tough.  Is that just how venison is?  Is it me?!  I haven’t had it in too long.  I liked it a lot though!  I’m really looking forward to refining my venison cooking technique on the rest.

(Also, it may be heresy to mention vegetables here, but the side dish is some eggplant and squash leftover from some Veggie Lasagna the Great!)

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