White Chip Chocolate Cookies

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White Chip Chocolate CookiesAfter work tonight I thought about how much I enjoyed the chicken tikka masala I made this week, but that sadly we were out.  Let’s eat out and get Indian food, I decided!  And then I don’t have to cook!  So then of course when we got home I decided clearly I didn’t really need three hours of free time and should make cookies.

I’d had a bag of white chocolate chips hanging out in the pantry for a few weeks.  They were supposed to become some sort of fancy white chocolate candy that failed miserably after many bags of chips, cans of condensed milk, and cursing.  So let’s make some cookies!

When stuck with a single baking ingredient, I’m actually quite a fan of going to the Hershey’s website (or King Arthur Flour, especially for breads) and browsing around by ingredient.  Doing so, I came across Hershey’s Perfect White Chip Chocolate Cookies Recipe.  It is nearly identical to a similar recipe by Nestle, but I went with Hershey’s due to the greater amount of cocoa in the dough.

White Chip Chocolate CookiesThe recipe is quite straightforward and the cookies are moist and quite rich.  The chocolate dough reminds me a bit of a brownie, very sweet and you can definitely taste the butter flavor.  The white chocolate chips are a creamy interjection and they seem richer than chocolate chip cookies to me somehow.

Do be careful when baking though to not overbake.  The best approach to a nice soft cookie is to underbake just a bit and then let the cookie finish the last little bit of cooking while cooling on the cookie sheet.  I also cooked mine on both heavy duty baking sheets and also cheap, thin grocery store baking sheets so I wasn’t cooking cookies until midnight.  I cooked them for the same length of time for both (8 minutes), but the thin pans gave me slightly burnt cookies while the thicker baking sheets were just right.  As with any baking, pay attention to how long until things are done, not necessarily the recipe time (it’s a bit tricky since the cookies are dark to start).

White Chip Chocolate CookiesSo now I have five and a half dozen cookies.  I think they are destined for Friday workplace morale boosting!

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