chocolate oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Oatmeal Runner Cookies

mixing cookiesMost of the posts on this site are about recipes I’ve prepared, but when my longtime food taster and kitchen lab rat, Mr. R, expressed a desire to try out a new recipe himself I enthusiastically said sure and then asked if I could write about it.

He’s a runner, but also loves sweets.  So he was intrigued by this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Runners World.  (There’s nothing about this recipe that makes it much healthier than any other cookie recipe though.)

chocolate oatmeal doughEven now, I can’t exactly say if the recipe was successful.  The cookies turned out very, very flat.  Initially we thought they were doomed and we’d have to throw them out.  However, once they cooled down the texture got really interesting.  Sort of like a super thin chewy brownie.  They were pretty great!  Although you can’t really hold them without them slowly bending down under the inexorable pull of gravity…  Sturdy cookies these are not.

This effect was much more noticeable on the larger cookies.  The smaller ones held form better.  I also suspect that cooking them when the dough is cold would help, or adding a bit of flour.  We have not yet found the solution!  But since this blog isn’t about perfect recipes, but rather experiments in cooking we’re reporting to you (kind of) live, from the scene of the cookies.

These weren’t pretty cookies and yet…I kind of hope we make them again.

chocolate oatmeal cookies

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