Homemade applesauceFor a few years I’ve wanted to make my own applesauce, but the recipes I’ve looked at called for a food mill.  I resist obtaining new kitchen gadgets unless they are things I will use all the time, so I figured applesauce was something forever out of my reach.

Until last week I stumbled upon an applesauce recipe by Ina Garten that didn’t require one!  Immediately all I could think of was making applesauce, even though it’s not a food I eat very often.

Apples in daylightThis recipe creates a lot of applesauce.  The recipe says 2.5 quarts.  I didn’t measure mine, but it was enough to fill up four large jars I have.  I used a total of six pounds of apples, Granny Smith and Gala.  I suspect any kind of apple can be used as long as it has good flavor.  The peeling and coring of the apples took by far the longest amount of time in this recipe.

applesauce - 1The recipe also calls for the addition of citrus.  This was the main stumbling block of this recipe.  I added the two oranges and one lemon the recipe called for, but also an additional lemon and lime that had been languishing in my fridge slightly too long.  When the applesauce was finished cooking and still very warm the citrus flavor was completely overwhelming.  I added more sugar to the applesauce, hoping to offset the sourness but it was still far too much.  I was really disappointed and I thought the recipe was ruined.

Homemade applesauceHowever, I put everything in the fridge just in case the flavor changed as it cooled.  And it did!  Once it was fully cold, it was really delicious.  The additional sugar definitely makes this a treat though.  Next time I make it, I plan to cut back quite a bit on the citrus and hopefully stay to the original amount of sugar.

So if you love applesauce, try making some!  I know that I’m looking forward to finding other recipes that use applesauce an ingredient now.  I have too much to eat on its own!

Recipe:  Homemade Applesauce

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