Failed cake

blueberry white chocolate cakeAfter the furious pie making of Pi Day I had a lot of leftover blueberries.  And I also had white chocolate languishing in my pantry.  So “white chocolate + blueberries” became my new idea I tried to find a way to make work.

blueberry white chocolate cake failcake - 2I decided on cake.  The idea was to make a white chocolate flavored cake and frosting and then soak the layers with blueberry syrup to have cool patterns in the middle when I cut it.  In the end, I had a passable cake that was too sweet and didn’t really taste strongly of blueberry or white chocolate.  And my syrup idea was unsuccessful.  I think this was an instance of trying to do about five new things all at once and not accomplishing any of them effectively.

For this project I made the following major modifications to recipes:

  • Halved a cake recipe (successful)
  • Mixed white chocolate into cake batter (cake cooked, but didn’t taste like white chocolate)
  • Soaked cake with blueberry coulis (unsuccessful — it barely soaked in)
  • Made white chocolate frosting (disastrous)

The cake was a bit of an adventure because I forgot to mix in the white chocolate until it had been in the oven for five minutes.  I took it out in a rush, poured out the batter, cleaned the pans, and mixed in some melted white chocolate (after burning part of it…).  Then put everything back in the oven.  Shockingly the cake turned out ok after all of that.  However, it was very dense which led to issues with…

Soaking it with blueberry syrup.  There were two main problems here:  the blueberry sauce being too thick and the cake being too dense.  I think a sponge cake would have been better suited to this.  The blueberry flavor is also almost unnoticeable in the cake.  A thick layer of jam would have been better for a fruit flavor in the middle.

blueberry white chocolate cakeThen finally the frosting, which didn’t go well at all.  I suspect the culprit was that I used white chocolate chips instead of white chocolate.  But that’s what experiments are for!  It never thickened to more than a saucy consistency, so I had to add copious amounts of powdered sugar.  This kept the frosting solid enough when refrigerated, but when it comes to room temperature it still wanted to run.

In the end, a failed project.  But I still ended up with a passably good tiny cake and lots of good lessons learned.

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