Zucchini Brownies

Zucchini brownies
Zucchini brownies! Vegetables in disguise. The chunks are chocolate chips, not zucchini.

I recently posted about a very traditional brownie recipe that was amazing.  But the only reason I made it was because I was dying of curiosity about a brownie recipe using zucchini, but I had none.  Zucchini?  In brownies?  Sounds awful…and I had to try it!

Finally I got my hands on some zucchini.

pureed zucchini
Looks like delicious pudding, probably tastes like pureed zucchini…

In this recipe you puree the zucchini together with the eggs, butter, and vanilla.  If you use a food processor you can do all the mixing in there.  I used a blender and then transferred to a bowl for the last bit of mixing.  The zucchini/egg/butter puree is the texture of a thick yellow soup.

The brownies were very puffy and shiny when they cooked.  They didn’t get an awesome flaky brownie crust on top like the fudge brownies, but that’s ok since this recipe calls for frosting.  The frosting is a basic ganache of some milk or heavy cream and chocolate chips.

Brownie batter
Mixing the batter. I used very dark cocoa.

I made my brownies a little (a lot) too late at night and they didn’t have time to cool, so I refrigerated them overnight until the next evening to frost.  More on this later.

Making ganache
Heating cream and chocolate chips for the ganache.
Ganache frosting
Pouring frosting over the brownies.

The final flavor was good.  These are more of a dense, moist chocolate cake than a brownie, so for those of you who enjoy cake-like brownies these are ideal.  And the frosting is great!  Can you taste the zucchini?  Not exactly, but there is a very slight aftertaste of…something.  I might not notice it if I didn’t know.  I suspect that the wait time in the fridge may have intensified the vegetable flavor.  The recipe suggests cooling them in the fridge to set the frosting, but then storing them at room temperature.  

After warming a brownie to room temperature, I didn’t notice a big change in flavor.  However, my husband said the cold brownie tasted off to him, while warm it did not.  So the verdict is:  keep these at room temperature before serving.

Overall, these were pretty good.  More than anything the texture and the frosting reminded me of delicious artificial chocolate frosted snack cakes, which are great and terrible for you.  These are delicious, less terrible, and are not made of plastic.  And they sort of contain a vegetable!  The fudge brownies are still the clear victor for me, but I’m glad I gave zucchini a chance to guest star in my brownies.

Recipe:  King Arthur Flour Zucchini Brownies

This post brought to you by the word “zucchini,” which I have now typed more than I have in my entire life prior to this.

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