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I got sick this week so all my plans for cooking were dashed and a post about “how to reheat leftovers” isn’t very exciting.  My topic this time may not be particularly scintillating either, but it’s actually one I have a lot of fun with:  pantry organization!

I’m very lucky because since I live in Texas, Land of Giant Everything, I have a giant walk-in pantry in my house.  (I feel like I should rent it out to someone for extra cash or something…)  So here’s a tour of how I keep my ingredients organized.  Starting on the left side…

I read recently that many people find it odd if there isn’t alcohol served at adult parties.  Is this true?  If so, my parties are awful.  We barely drink and I would have no idea what to provide.  Below the extensive bar section are my spices!  I recently redid them all in little glass jars, completely stealing the idea (and exact jar model) from smitten kitchen.  Then to the right are things like katsuobushi and konbu for making dashi.

pantry - 1

Next are shelves I use most often.  Flour on the top row with sugars (granulated white, brown, powdered) and then other baking supplies like honey, chocolate chips, sprinkles, food dye, etc.  Below is my rice and then my “inventory” section.  This is where I store things that are unopened and are backups I have purchased because I’m about to run out of something.  To the far right are the various vitamins and weird sports drinks my husband uses.

pantry - 2

Down at the floor level it’s cookbooks, reusable grocery bags, recycling, boring stuff, etc.  We have something like 15 million gallons of bottled water in case a hurricane hits the city again and the water isn’t safe to drink.  Now back up again and to the right side!

pantry - 3

Up top again, this is where we find evidence that my cats rule our house.  Below that is my “prepackaged stuff” shelf which houses all canned and dried goods, including mixes.  I have my beans in really pretty jars which will be photographed more beautifully in other posts.

pantry - 4

Next up is the flavorings area.  Asian flavorings like sesame oil (spicy and not spicy) and sesame seeds (both white and black), fish sauce, rice wine, etc.  Oils section and I don’t know how on earth I ended up with a vinegars section, but there it is.  The snacks section is mostly the domain of my husband’s stuff.  I try to keep it there since I’ve never actually explained how the pantry is organized to him.  This post will be helpful!

pantry - 5

Then the bottom is always boring.  My china is all packed up since I thought I was moving last year.  Since I didn’t, I think it will probably be freed soon so it can be regularly used.  Then more saving the earth and saving of us in case of fire or hurricanes.

pantry - 6

There you go!  A tour of how my non-refrigerated ingredients live their lives.  I suppose to be complete I should photograph my refrigerator, but that just seems odd.   (Because pantry photography is clearly very normal?  Hmm…)

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