Homemade Funfetti Cake

Funfetti cake
Now I wish I still had some of this cake left…

My husband and I have birthdays very close together, so each year we share a birthday cake.  We alternate years between my cake (yellow + chocolate frosting) and his cake (funfetti + Rainbow Chip frosting).  This year was a funfetti year.

Last funfetti year I went hardcore and decided to make all of it, even the Rainbow Chip icing, from scratch.  As it turns out for a few years Rainbow Chip icing was actually discontinued!

I was relieved that it’s back and I decided to just go commercial on the frosting…except I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Ok fine!  Everything from scratch it is. 

Funfetti batter
Funfetti batter — yellow cake batter and sprinkles

Funfetti cake is pretty easy to make on your own.  Take a white or light colored cake recipe and add sprinkles before baking.  That’s it.  I used a Martha Stewart vanilla cake.  But you could even…use a mix.  The horror!

The frosting is a little more tricky.

Some blogs advocate putting multicolored chocolate candy bits into white frosting.  But true Rainbow Chip frosting has a sort of delicious plastic/white chocolate chip thing going on.  And that’s what I wanted. 

rainbow chips
Spreading the dyed white chocolate. Miami Vice cooking.
rainbow chips
Chopped up rainbow chips

The way to make your own rainbow chips is to melt white chocolate, dye it, spread it thin until it cools and hardens, and then chop it up.  You first divide your chocolate (I found white chocolate chips to work the best) into equal amounts.  Melt each slowly (20 seconds at a time until melted in the microwave works great) and then stir in food dye to the vibrancy you like.  Then spread it very thin on a sheet of wax paper.  An offset spatula was helpful for this.  Repeat for as many colors as you want.  Let cool until it’s hardened and then chop and mix into white icing.

Last time I did this my rainbow chips were too hard and not fun to eat.  But using white chocolate chips (as opposed to baking chocolate) and making sure to spread it very thin helped a lot.

Then assemble cake, frost, and eat!  I’m not very good at beautiful cakes, so cake here was a little lopsided.  But it was delicious.

Recipe used for both cake and frosting:  Vanilla Layer Cake from Martha Stewart’s Cakes  

Rainbow chip tutorial:  https://notwithoutsalt.com/homemade-rainbow-chip-cake/

Funfetti birthday cake
Funfetti birthday cake!

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