Lime blueberry bars

Lime-blueberry bars – Limefest pt. 2

Lime blueberry bars
A lime bar in the wild
Cornmeal dough
Mixing the cornmeal dough

As I mentioned in my first exciting post about Limefest, I have a very small piece of land and a lime tree on it that grows honest to goodness fruit.  This year I made a lot of lime-related dishes, but still was left with about ten limes that I didn’t know what to do with.  So I juiced the limes, resulting in about 3/4 of a cup of lime juice.  I tossed it in a glass jar and then into the freezer.  Limes on demand.

A while ago I stumbled onto this recipe for lime bars with blueberry glaze and I was immediately mesmerized.  (I suspect I did something like googling “things to do with limes.”)

Cornmeal dough in pan
Dough pressed into the pan
Blueberries cooking
The glaze, looking beautiful
Lime blueberry bars
The vast expanse of lime bars

The basic approach for any bar like this is that you make a base out of dough, bake it, and then pour the juice/sugar/egg mixture on top, and then bake again.  Then you dust with sugar or put blueberry glaze on top or whatever you like.

This recipe has a cornmeal base, which I found intriguing because the only thing I use cornmeal for is “wheels” under my pizza dough when making pizza at home.

The blueberry glaze was cooked down from honest to goodness blueberries, with a bit of added sugar.  Then you strain out the skins at the end.

Spreading the glaze over the finished bars was a bit tricky because the glaze layer is thin.  I have an offset spatula for icing cakes and it helped with this task immensely.

This was a recipe with no reviews, so I was a little worried about it, but I’m so glad I tried it.  It was amazingly good.  The tartness of the lime layer was just enough, not overwhelming.  And the blueberry added a really interesting contrast.  My taste testers’ conclusion was universally “These are amazing.”

And a final word on my finished product photos.  Yes, these were taken with paper towels as plates.  These bars went to my work and my coworkers were my taste testers.  My food photography will I hope improve as I do it more, but I also am enjoying taking “real life” food photos.  Let’s see what delicious food looks like in the actual places it’s eaten, even if that’s an office!

And in conclusion, I have about two tablespoons of lime juice left, frozen.  LIMEFEST MARCHES ON!

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