Limefest 2015

Fish tacos

My house is on about .05 acres of land, so that means I have two flower beds and that’s about all.  But I do have one lime tree and once a year that means…agriculture!  All year I’ve been looking forward to my summer lime harvest.

In the past I’ve made limeade and not-key lime pie.  This year I decided to really get creative, particularly because I had more limes than ever, about 30.

This year I made fish tacos with a cream lime sauce, gin & tonics with lime, a lime pie, and lime zest seasoning salt.  At the end of it all I still have a cup of lime juice which I froze, probably destined for another pie in a month.

Fish tacos were from this recipe, which I chose for the lime cream sauce, in a vain hope of making something similar to the amazing creamy jalapeno sauce you can get in Houston the Tex-Mex restaurant Chuy’s.  It was a pretty good sauce, but sadly not the holy grail of the Chuy’s recipe.

Lime pi

Next up was a lime pie.  Sadly I can’t claim key lime, since my limes are regular Persian limes.  I began with some lime destruction…  And then the final pie, complete with pi plate.  The recipe was from Me, Myself, and Pie by Sherry Gore.

Lime seasoning salt

I brought this pie to work and my coworkers proclaimed it as the “best thing I’d ever made” so I guess it was a hit.

My last project was lime zest seasoning salt,  a really quick recipe.   I’ve had homemade lemon salt for the past year and it’s just run out, so the timing was perfect.

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